holy shit ok someone now pls


instantly wet over the idea of someone kissing me like this
Anonymous: If iwas your girlfriend I would treat you like a princess and give you the world. Tell you ever day how beautiful you are and how your smile can light up a whole room. I'd try everyday to make you fall in love with me over and over again. Give you kisses late at night when you're asleep and just look at you bc you're perfect ❤️

my heart 😩❤️

"maybe our timing is off. maybe the distance is too much. maybe we were just meant to be friends. there are endless possibilities of “maybes”, but I know one thing is for sure… the love I have for you will never change."
you mean everything to me (via ren3gades)
Anonymous: Ugh you're so fucking perfect 😍

no even close anon


The 1975 // The Savoy, Cork
Anonymous: if i were your girlfriend, first off, before i tell you all the great things id (try) do for you, I'd be the luckiest girl on the planet, I'd do my best to make sure you're happier than the way you make me. I'd take you on picnics, movie dates, and even when we're together for a long time, I'd treat you like it was day one, and I was still trying to win you, like every time I saw you, was the first, and could be the last. most of all... I'd love you.

aww come off anon 😩


i am not sorry
Anonymous: 6, 10, 16?


6) favorite band:
- the 1975
- arctic monkeys
- our last night
- all time low
- the cab
so many more I can’t think rn

10) biggest turn on(s):
-neck kissing, hickies, lap dance
-smart, funny, cute, athletic, has goals
-eyes & smile are a big one for me

16) favorite movie:
-I have too many favorites lol

^ this is why you are my fav

Anonymous: I want to fuck you so bad. I want you to ride my face until you cum.

holy shit

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"I don’t deserve you but god, I want to. I want to spend the rest of my life trying to deserve you."